How to Get A Job in Football – Off the Pitch

There are many recruitment websites, several of which specialise in jobs within football.
Liverpool manager jurgen klopp
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If you have a dream of becoming a professional footballer, like many young boys and girls, you will know how tough it can be to make the breakthrough. Sometimes, talent alone is not enough and there are many circumstances which combine to become a top player.

However, if you would like to have a career in the sport, there are other alternatives. You can get a job in football which does not involve being a professional footballer.

Football Coaching

Football is big business, just look at the Premier League and there are many avenues to explore. Social media is a great example and the Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts of the top football clubs around the world are very important.

A study by Nielsen Sports showed the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in December 2016 generated $42.5 million in media value for sponsor across platforms, with social media making up 12% of this total, and 41% of the overall value for Real Madrid.

Barcelona luis suarez and real madrid sergio ramos

Running social media accounts for professional football clubs is a full-time position and a great way to get a job in football. If you enjoy using social media, the best avenue could be to complete a sports management and marketing degree and apply for a position at a lower level football club, in a different sport or with a sports brand.

Andy Gugenheimer, the CEO of agencies including Sportyjob and AG Sports Consulting spoke to ISPO.COM about getting a job in football. He highlighted the case of Andreas Jung, who started with the German Cycling Federation before moving to Bayern Munich to become part of Uli Hoeness’ team.

The key to getting a job in football is to be prepared to start at a lower level or perhaps in a sport which may not be your number one choice but has fewer applicants. If you can show off your talent with the social media accounts of a lower league football team and increase their revenue through social platforms, the bigger clubs will be more than happy to hear from you when a position becomes available.

There are many recruitment websites, several of which specialise in jobs within football but looking at an individual football club website is also a great way to get a job in football. Many clubs will advertise jobs on their own website and it takes little time to search for them, starting with clubs in your local area.

Football pitch

Jobs in football do not have to be at a football club, you could work for an organisation involved in football. Opta Sports is a great example and they provide statistical analysis of football matches and provide data to clubs and agencies. Some of these jobs involve going to watch live games and reporting back with statistics and this is a great way to get your foot in the door of the football world.

There are many opportunities in football, whether it be through social media, statistics or one of the several other avenues available. Think about your interests and how they tie in with football as this is usually the best way to begin.

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