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Football jobs can span a whole range of skills. Fortunately, you do not have to be a great player or coach to obtain a job in football
Football Coaching
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Professional football has become big business. During the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup, a total of €2.04 billion was distributed to the competing teams. An additional €510 million was distributed to the teams competing in the 2018/19 UEFA Europa League.

Therefore, it will come as little surprise to learn there are now a huge number of various jobs in football. The most obvious football jobs are players and managers. These are the two groups fans will see regularly during the season and they are rarely advertised to the public.

When was the last time you saw top football coaching jobs at the world’s leading clubs advertised for submission online or in print? Football scout jobs are a little different and you may find these occasionally advertised on a football club website. However, much like the managerial and coaching positions, these are often advertised only at lower levels of the game.

For those wanting to become a professional footballer, football trails or for the younger player football academy trials are a great entry point. Professional football clubs will sometimes offer open football trials, which anyone can apply to attend. If accepted, these players can be offered a place in the football academy of that club as they bid to develop into a top player.

Football Team at Academy Football Trail

Fortunately, you do not have to be a great player or coach to obtain a job in football in the modern age. There is so much more to running a professional football club than the playing and coaching staff.

Players are worth a lot of money at the top level and need to be healthy. A physiotherapist plays a massive role during the season in keeping players fit and helping them back to fitness following injury. Clubs will also appoint doctors to assess players.

Every professional football club around the world now has a website. This was created by someone and needs to be regularly updated with content. Social media plays a huge role in football and teams need someone to manager their accounts, with Twitter and Facebook being two good examples.

Football jobs can span a whole range of skills. Engineers are required to maintain the stadium and install plus repair equipment inside the ground. The pitch needs to be maintained and skilled groundsmen and women are highly sought after in the professional game. It is not uncommon for the commentators in an English Premier League match to mention the name of the groundskeeper during a live broadcast if they have done a good job.

Some football jobs involve the match day experience. Whether it be working as a steward on the side of the pitch or cooking meals for the hospitality guests, the roles are varied within the clubs themselves.

Then there’s the administration of the all the leagues and competitions around the world. Plus, the organising of big events, such as the World Cup. The number and type of football jobs is forever expanding and there is no limit to the opportunities available in the modern game.

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