The Truth About Robots in Football

The world of football is changing, Technology is getting better and better, how long before a robot wins the ballon d'or?
Messi Robot
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Artificial Intelligence and robotics are being used around the world, and are slowly infiltrating our everyday lives, to the point where some futurists predict robots taking over jobs in accounting, medicine, childminding and even some jobs in football.

The world of sports has felt this invasion. Nowadays more and more pro-sport teams are embracing this new artificial intelligence technology. Data science and machine learning are currently being used in the NBA to help basketball players dominate the court.

Robots Playing Football

In the near future, we should expect to see AI(Artificial Intelligence) being used more to change sports performance for the better. As part of the training program, particularly in football academies, and in some of the best football training camps around the world, teams have reported using computer vision software to record and track player’s movements, and body orientation to help evaluate players’ overall skills.

These robots, or data gathering computers can be defined as software that is capable of making its own conclusions, and the potential if used widely, for instance, in local football trials, could have the power to crucially identify specific attributes in young football players, and help football coaches to better spot the next generation of football stars.

Technology in Football
However, the thought of a robot making it as a footballer, making a backheel pass, or having the tactics to dribble past Pogba, is reaching. At best the football pitch can be unpredictable, even with the world’s best players, playing their best game.
Undoubtedly these metrics serve a purpose in helping footballers improve their kicks, runs etc. however, human communication and interaction, like the relationship between a coach and a player, or between team mates can never be replicated by a machine.

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