A League Of Their Own – Women In Football

There are now 500 registered female coaches (UK) and over 4 million registered female players globally.
USA Womens National Football Team
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Karen Brady, Alex Scott and Eniola Aluko are just a few of the names that come to mind when we think about influencial women in football.

According to the FA, the number of girls and women in football is on the rise. In 2018 the FA reported that 1.7m females aged five and over take part every month compared to a decade ago, where only a handful of women and girls were playing.

USA Womens Football Team

There has also been an increase in the number of roles for women off the pitch. These roles include female coaches, referees, football agents and many more, including women working in the media, sports law and, sports medicine.

A recent FA survey revealed that there are now 500 registered female coaches and over 4 million registered female players globally. The increased broadcasting of women’s football, combined with the investment of millions into grassroots activities by Sports England and the FA, have all contributed to the increase in the breadth of roles available for women.

On the flipside, however, these numbers also indicate that the pool of talent just got tougher. There are now more equally able, hard-working, qualified women competing for the same positions.

Alex Scott England Footballer

So how do you successfully make the transition and turn your passion into a career?

The answer is the same on the pitch as it is off the pitch, one word, strategising. Using a strategy that combines hard work, qualifications, as well as doing things that others are not doing, such as using new technologies, will all help to make the connection from turning football as a passion into a career, a reality.

The achievements of Steph Houghton captain of Manchester City and the England team, female coach Nicky Debonis, currently the only female coach in the England southern leagues, Liz Ellen, lawyer and licensed football agent, and Alex Scott, breaking barriers by becoming the first female pundit for Sky Sports.

These are just some examples of women in football, who made the connections from doing what they love, to making a living, and having fulfilling careers.

Although in essence there maybe stumbling blocks that may surface in the short term, having a strategy will pay off in the long run.

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